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2017 IED Hall of Fame Award

What can really be said about Rah Digga, or Rashia Fisher, that she isn’t more than capable of saying for herself in any manner of infinitely more creative ways? What we will say is that she’s simply put a legend who is still with us, and a trailblazer for women in rap. She was a rude awakening to anyone, man or woman, that, for whatever reason, bizarrely underestimated the serious lyrical ability of a female in a mostly male dominated industry. With that said, we are more than pleased to be honoring this incredible woman and icon.

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“It be’s the little mama, lip gloss and eyeliner
The only shit poppin’ like White Castle or the Donna

Rah Digga make the joints that the DJs blast
Ghetto diva in the Source with the three page ad

Watch as the hood rat messiah climb swiftly
Labels scared to death to let their artist bomb with me

‘Cause you can send your thuggest MC and watch me son ’em
The ruggedest bitch don’t even rhyme about gunnin’

Got joints circulating like them old karate flicks
Buncha Rah Digga shirts on some big body chicks

Throw my shit in your hoopty or your luxury trucks
And make the quickest turn around like ‘dro for twenty bucks

And I’ll still be the greatest if this rap shit fail me
Back to jackin’ bootleg flicks from out the deli

Livin’ off the interest
Sippin’ on Tequila with my logo on the side of fuckin’ eighteen-wheelers”

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